NIANIA is a mind-body-spirit celebration!

Done barefoot to gorgeous soundscape of world beat music, this is an energizing cardio movement that blends elements of dance, martial arts and healing arts. This movement class is very body friendly; and can be adapted for people of any fitness level. Every Body is welcome at every class.  We invite you to join us in building the movement potential of our class! NIA is the best kept secret in Denver…and we would like to expand Denver’s consciousness about it.

Our focus for these classes is Rejuvenation!
Our intent is to manifest a safe, sacred space to Soothe your Soul, Find your Flow,
and Be Moved in this deeply healing and bliss-FULL weekly movement experience for Mind, Body, Emotions and Spirit.

NIA Class
Thursdays6 - 6:55 pm


NIA Certified Instructor:

Sandy Mighell

Contact Sandy for more information:

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NIA Certified Instructor:

Cindy Waller

Contact Cindy for more information:

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