QiGong Classes

QiGong ClassesQigong Moving Meditations and Forms

These Qigong moving meditation and forms classes are beneficial to all levels. In Qigong our movement are kept simple so our focus can be directed more internally through stilling our mind and regulating our breath, connection with center, moving from the lower Tan Tien, and developing a stronger awareness of our body’s qi system.


Qigong Moving Meditations and Forms
Wednesdays, 5:45 – 6:45 p.m.

Everyone is welcome to drop-in for $15/class.

About Jeff Smith:

I was originally drawn to this path of qigong healing for its mystery, its depth into the unknown, as well as its insistence that the practitioner be responsible for their own healing and development. I have always enjoyed these experiences that bring me to the brink of what I imagined I am capable of—every aspect of me being compelled and challenged to become more fully awake, engaged, and alert.

2017: 24 hours of in-class training in Inspiring Homeopathy, based on the work of Dr. Tinus Smits and taught by Dr. Joel Kreisberg and Tim Owens

2014-Present: Certified clinical Qigong practitioner, professional member of the National Qigong Association, and  NQA certified as a Level II Qigong instructor. Over 2000 hours of Medical Qigong in class training in:

  • Qigong Mediation
  • Qigong Movement Practices 
  • Clinical/Medical Qigong Treatment
  • Qi Nutrition Training
  • Training in Centered Guidance and I Ching Studies
  • Nearly 10 years of personal practice.

Jeff also offers private treatment sessions.

Jeff Smith QiGong

Jeff Smith

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