Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage
Styles of Therapeutic Massage include:
  • Neuromuscular Therapy
  • Swedish Massage (European Style)
  • Neural Integration Massage (Thai Style)
  • Orthopedic Massage
  • Deep Tissue/Sports Massage


1. What is structural integration massage?
“Muscles move bones at joints.” Our muscles in conjunction with their connective tissue (fascia) provide both smooth fluidic locomotion and stability. Our bones are “stacked” one on top of another. Opposing muscle complexes generate tensile work balancing the skeletal frame in a vertical field of gravity. Imbalance of muscular forces presented by tense, “overworked” muscles and restricted fascia mal-aligns our skeletal frame. Structural integration massage created by Dr. Ida Rolfe Ph.D. is designed to correct the neurological programming of our muscles. This modality reforms the constricted fascia, removing the excess friction (wear and tear) as well as aberrant pressure points within the joints reducing and very likely eliminating pain, stiffness, and fatigue, improving stamina, performance and powerfully increasing your sense of WELL-BEING!

2. Does it hurt?
Structural integration massage is intense bodywork transcending “deep tissue/sports massage.” When performed properly it does not hurt.

3. How does it work?
Muscles are comprised of myofascial tissue (fascia). This connective tissue is designed in a cross weave pattern capable of constricting and elongating. Constricted fascia can facilitate fatiguing muscles performing tensile work. It can also become a powerful hindrance generating pain! Structural integration massage releases the bound up connective tissue de-stressing the joints.

4. What will it do for me?
De-compressed joints operate freely (reduced friction), providing good nutrition and waste management; healthy joints! This leads to improved physical performance allowing an individual’s spirit to soar.

5. What if I am uncomfortable with disrobing?
Your safety and comfort are paramount to the success of each session. Disrobing for a treatment is not necessary.

6. Who developed structural integration massage?
Ida Rolf, PhD (biological chemistry), developed structural integration massage as an alternative medicinal approach to surgery for the correction of soft tissue disorders such as but not limited to:
Pinched nerve syndrome (Nueropathies)
Trigger points (MPDS-myofascial pain dysfunction syndrome)
Chronic pain with no apparent pathology (Ideopathy)
Taking into consideration the above mentioned conditions are musculotendonus (muscles and their tendons) in nature.

7. A. N. M. T.?
Advanced neuromuscular therapists are highly trained individuals, specializing in the resolution of muscular disorders such as but not limited to: pinched nerve syndromes, trigger points, chronic pain and physical performance concerns for the weekend warrior to the professional athlete. I, Andrew Dimmer ANMT, have vast experience working with people seeking to correct a physical condition and/or seriously improve athletic performance!  Feel free to engage me in a phone consultation.  303-934-3712 Free consultations are available at my office as time permits.

Andrew Dimmer Therapeutic MassagePractitioner:
Andrew Dimmer, ANMT

About Andrew Dimmer (Advanced Neuro-muscular Therapist):

After years of chronic pain ensuing in spinal trauma with resultant invasive surgery I was driven to become educated in medical massage. Over the years, I have developed a passion for empowering people to realize far greater physical potential. Working predominantly with men and women suffering from neuropathies to ideopathies has produced a wealth of knowledge I use to assess and resolve pain complaints, as well as improve physical performance.

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