T’ai Chi Ch’üan

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Connect with Intention through Movement & Stillness

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This is a movement sequence with 9 themes, each facing a different direction. Each theme is a chosen movement based on Tai Chi Ch’üan and ends with a moment of stillness, during which one connects with an element, a color, a specific area in the body to promote health, and an affirmation to actualize each intention.

After teaching T’ai Chi Ch’üan for 28 years, I created this sequence by blending many disciplines for something simple that people could take with them and enjoy.

For your own practice, once you learn the movements, you can print the chart and create your own affirmations, allowing the Stillness moment at the end of each intention to be as long as you need.

Links to Maedée’s FREE Tai Chi Warm-ups:

Warm-up #1 Basic 16.32 minutes

Warm-up #2 Circles 18.07 minutes

Warm-up #3 Arm stretches 13.50 minutes

Warm-up #4 Chinese self-massage 13.18 minutes

Warm-up #5 Full coordination 13.23 minutes

Tai Chi Chüan form pdf downloads:

Part I

Part II

Part III

Entire form

“I have studied Tai Chi with many teachers over the years. For me, Maedée surpasses them all with her creativity, support, artistry and dedication to her students. What a joy to have her in Denver!”

– S. Cable

“I have a greater awareness of how to move and stand with balance, and a new story for the shape and direction of my life.”

– J. Willis

Open Wings Tai Chi StudioInstructor:
Maedée Duprès, AmSAT


Tai Chi Chüan class

I am delighted to let you know that Faith Gregor has joined me to start a new program of our Tai Chi Ch’üan classes at the Buck recreation center in Littleton.

Faith is teaching Wednesdays at 9:15am and Maedée teaches Saturday at 9:15am for Beginners. The Ongoing Advanced is on Saturdays at 10:30am alternating with both teachers.

The courses run in a 6 week format and each participant needs to register ahead of the starting time with the South Suburban Parks and Recreation District.

There is a minimum of 5 students and a maximum of 15.

Purchase private Tai Chi Ch’üan lessons here

Register here for Tai Chi Ch’üan Classes with Maedée at the Buck Recreation Center. Their address is: 2004 W Powers Ave, Littleton, CO 80120

Buck’s Covid protocols

Visit Faith Gregor’s website

The soft flow and harmonious movements of the Tai Chi Ch’üan encourage balance, longevity and peace of mind and gradually describe an allegorical journey through life. Students learn the long and short forms from the Yang style.

Most Tai Chi methods have an emphasis on the fighting aspect derived from martial arts. However, in this class, we will instead focus on safe, fluid movement that brings ease and peace to our daily lives. At the end of class, students leave with a smile and a sense of calm and well-being.

About Maedée

Maedée Duprès, a native of Switzerland, is an internationally acclaimed Modern Dance soloist, and trained and certified in the Alexander Technique (M.AmSAT) as well as CranialSacral Treatment.

As a dancer, she lived in London, England where she studied Tai Chi Ch’üan with Gerda Geddes. Her teaching career brought her to Oberlin College and Regis University. Combining her interests in alternative therapies and movement, Maedée founded a living arts centre in 1993. Today she brings artists and holistic practitioners together in a beautiful facility which is dedicated to the community’s well-being. She is on the Faculty of Alexander Technique Denver which is a teacher training course.

    For more information on Tai Chi classes contact Maedée:

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